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AAC + Radio Player

  • Easy to integrate
  • Intuitive interface
  • Social buttons
  • Facebook, Twitter
  • Broadcasting MP3 / AAC +
  • Free for every ForceSP client
  • Only $2.99/ Monthly
  • Order Now !

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Main Features
•Allows playback of AAC+ streams directly from the streaming server, without need for any transcoding server (such as Wowza, FMS or Red5)
•AAC+ allows high quality playback using low bandwidth, since an AAC+ stream requires less than half the bandwidth of an MP3 stream, for an equivalent listening quality
•Retrieves and parses station info, track history, and server/stream stats
•Pulls in album covers and info for each track automatically
•Built-in social buttons for viral marketing and contact form for user feedback
•Matched albums link directly to their respective page on the Amazon store
•Multiple station support, with the user able to switch stations without reloading
•Intuitive interface with tool tip integration on the ticker
•Multiple embeding options, including javascript, iframe and hot linking
•Fully scriptable, allows precise control from javascript, querystring or flashvars input
•Supports a wide array of broadcast servers and audio codecs
•Custom language packs allow localization for any language
•Includes an automatic proxy to bypass flash's over zealous security constraints, useful if the player is being served on a different server than the stream



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