Firewall Hardware Solutions

ForceSP will ensure all servers and services are free of charge protected against DoS / DDoS up to 200 Mbps or 200,000 packets per second. For advanced protection we can provide optional services, all technical characteristics described them below:


DDoS Duration is the length attack DDoS attack by a client IPs that exceed bandwidth contracted by it. In case of major attacks during the month that DEPS values ‚Äč‚Äčabove offer, the customer will only receive the basic protection that involves blocking attacks, as the source approaches the partial closure of access channels that generate flood attack type.

IDS / IPS Firewall Advanced In-service anti DoS / DDoS offer a professional IDS / IPS with access to the latest signatures against malware attacks. The IDS / IPS will detect the known attacks directed at you have access to information, logs and graphs so that you will have a true picture of global network attacks.


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